Music Theory

Music Theory Course

In this course i will cover the essentials of music theory and a few extras as well. It aims to get you going with the songwriting toolbox and generally having more fun doing music.

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Songwriting Toolbox

Songwriting Toolbox

Here you get an excel sheet, wich shows all keys in major | minor and useful related chord substitutions. Use this for your songs, to spice up simple chord progressions. Explanation will follow soon..


Zebra2 Nano

Zebra 2 - Nano

A set of patches for u-he Zebra 2, wich are converted 51 high-quality instrument Samples from the University of Iowa. Basically ment as a collection of waveforms for your own sound design.


Some more freebies!!


Lemur 4 Bitwig

The Lemur 4 Bitwig project is a template & script for the Liine Lemur controller App in order to provide a creative playground using Bitwig Studio.

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Hive Skin Illusions

Hive Illusions

A fresh skin for u-he Hive

This skin is available for free. It is a darker color pattern wich i hope you enjoy!



1000+ presets

These are converted u-he factory patches in .bwspreset format, to make them usable in the Bitwig content browsers. 

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